Clickomania 1.1

A fun board game for your Pocket PC

Clickomania was one of the first BEIKS games for the Palm OS® platform and also one of the first PalmOS® color games ever. Now available for Pocket PC, Beiks offer you the chance to experience Clickomania!

The game starts with 10 x 12 field full of figures of different shapes and colors. Your goal is to remove them. If you see areas of two or more figures of same kind residing next to each other (on X or Y axis) you can remove them by taping anywhere in the block. There is no limitation of the number of figures that will be removed with a single tap, but you can not remove a single figure. When an area gets removed, the above figures fall down and fill the gap where it has been. When a whole column gets removed the columns next to it shift to the left. If you can predict how each move affects the progress of the game you may win.


  • Works on all Pocket PC platforms (ARM, SH3 and MIPS) running Windows CE 3.0
  • Nice sound effects
  • High scores table
  • No brain required to play or win!
  • Undo button, just in case
  • One of the most popular desktop games ever

A classic, fun game for Pocket PC from Beiks.

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Clickomania 1.1

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